Somebody else took aim

Our bowling league was called off early this year because of the virus crisis.

It would have ended this month.

I had written this post before the cancellation.

I found it interesting to find a photographer using our Thursday Night Men’s League at Bowling Green as her focus.

We roll, she captures.

Roland behind the desk told us on his mike to welcome the student from Syracuse University working on a class project.

All angles.

Don’t you know I had to use my iPhone 8 to take pictures of her taking pictures?

Striking models.

I took the time when she was sitting on our bench to find out a bit more.

The project has her class photographing businesses on Route 11. She thought our league would make for interesting images. She said she’d let us know when the gallery will be up at Syracuse University. Nice.

I do hope they got to display their photos before SU classes were canceled as well.

5 thoughts on “Somebody else took aim

  1. What a neat experience! These college kids (that we don’t even know) sometimes surprise us with the coolest stuff! I had a girl contact me last year when she was writing her thesis on my great grandfather’s brother. She sent me some stuff I didn’t have, and I gave her what I had, but it was such a neat experience. Lucky you guys! 😊


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