A wonderful find on the shelf

My dear wife Karen came across hand sanitizer during a recent necessary grocery store stop.

And not just any hand sanitizer.

She was able to bring home two large bottles of the elixir produced at the local plant switched over from a distillery by the good folks at apple orchard complex Beak and Skiff.

We are set for a bit.

24 thoughts on “A wonderful find on the shelf

  1. Stores are slowly restocking everything. We even managed to get TP and paper towels this week! As for hand sanitizer, we have plenty, from a variety of manufacturers. The only one so far I don’t like is made by Poopourie (yes, the smelly toilet people). That came in a small spray bottle and includes coconut and lavender, which sounds lovely, except that it leaves a greasy residue. In my opinion, at least – others may like it better than Purel.


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