Holding pattern

Here, there, everywhere.

When we received news from the director that we’d be working from home, I made sure to check out a big supply of library books.

I envisioned a stay-at-home portion of my life that would include something akin to A Big Read.

Here we are, a month-plus-in and counting for the can’t-go-anywhere portion of our lives.

The books for the most part remain in the spots I found for them. I am reading from my stockpile, yes, but not quite as voraciously as I first expected.

I’m not escaping to the world of fiction quite as much as I’d expected.

Is it the time I’m spending with my eyes to the device screens for my work-from-home Monday-to-Friday?

Is is something more psychologically deep-seated?

Will I start reading more as this new way is extended?

Is life at home playing out how you had expected it?

16 thoughts on “Holding pattern

  1. I know what you mean, Mark. I thought I’d have a lot more time to conquer A, B, C, etc. But none of it’s happened. Not thing one. Of course, I also never envisioned having to stop life and sew masks, stand in outdoor lines for an hour just to get in the store, etc. Not complaining, just noting where some of the extra time I thought I’d have has gone. I’m confident we’ll all adjust to a safe new normal. 😊


  2. Hi Mark, Good topic on fantasy vs. reality! As I’m retired, you’d think I’d be in a sparkling home with no piles of mending, reading, organizing, etc. There must be a name for this syndrome of leaving things undone to feeling like I have a purpose in life.. excuse me, I think it’s time to get a snack. Have a good evening!

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  3. No not at all. I was thinking that I’d finally catch my breath and get a break but that’s not happening. I’m working at home but since they furloughed employees in our department, we’re working more than normal!! I was hoping I’d have more time for decluttering but with the extra hours of work, none of that’s getting done either. I have lots of books that I was hoping to read but I’ve gotten through about 10 pages so far. I am enjoying being at home but it’s just not like I expected 😊

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  4. I am still reading to Oliva at bedtime but that’s the only fiction I’m able to take in. And even with that my mind is wandering off as I’m reading out loud. I’m exhausted most of the time with worries to be honest. I need to make a change and better manage my overactive brain. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one though, Mark!

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  5. that’s so funny, mark. i’ve done exactly the same thing. a few pages at a time and then i’m distracted again. i had planned to hunker down and tackle my pile. maybe it’s the state of mind we’re all in –

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    • No it isn’t. I thought I’d be organizing and purging and writing and reading. Maybe even drawing. Instead I’m doing jigsaw puzzles while talking on the phone with my mother and the three of our four adult kids that are jot with us at home. I have started gardening again and check on my sprouting seeds progress several times a day. Like a watched pot being slow to boil, I’m probably keeping my seeds from flourishing as quickly as I’d like. Walking several times a day outside. Fresh air is delightful. And you? How’s it going?

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