Rudy’s rocks, even when it’s closed

The kids know where there’s a great natural supply of rocks for their painting jones.

Right shape, right size.

The food stand on the shore of Lake Ontario is closed for the season, so terrific daughter Elisabeth, sensational significant George Three and my dear wife Karen had plenty of space to roam searching for the right rocks for the kids to bring back to Oneida.

What a Great Lake.

I hunted for the right scenes to snap with my iPhone 8.

I’d need a very long arm.

When the food stand is open, I hear, the joint is hopping with hungry gulls.

In the autumn, not so much.

See you in the spring.

I could picture a big crowd come warmer times.

Tables are ready.

I’ll come back for shrimp.

Found, a rock from our trip.

Upon returning home, I received a text from Elisabeth. One of the painted rocks she’s placed had been found by a delightful young girl.

So that’s part of why she partakes in the rock-painting hobby …

9 thoughts on “Rudy’s rocks, even when it’s closed

  1. i kind of like the look of things closed down the for the season, anticipating its return. sounds like the perfect spot to find more rocks, and that is so great that elizabeth got the response!


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