Rock swap

On a visit to Onondaga Lake Park with the kids, Elisabeth and Mason came upon a cool painted rock nestled with the natural stones on the shoreline.

My talented daughter, of course, had one of her painted rocks in her backpack to trade.

The MO. She picks up the rock and puts down her creation for somebody else to find.

There Elisabeth’s now lies.

Her eye seems to goe to them everyplace we wander.

Thanks for leaving this.

Mason didn’t mind holding up the discovery so Elisabeth could post it on Facebook.

18 thoughts on “Rock swap

  1. that’s so cool! i’ve always painted rocks as a kid, it was one of the most fun activities! thanks for sharing and for the memories!❤️

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!🥺❤️


  2. I love finding and leaving, but I’m not nearly as good about it as Elizabeth. she is amazing and really has a talent for this. . they are such a joy to find !


  3. We have painted rocks over here too we also exchange them and post them on face book. I love Elizabeth’s rock, beautifully painted. Has Elizabeth hurt herself I see she has an arm bandage and a walking stick . Hoping she is okay 💜

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