Don’t eat that, Ellie B

My dear wife Karen told me I had to go take a photo of something out in the corner of our backyard here in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

What is that?

I grabbed my iPad Pro and out the back door through the slight mid-October drizzle I went.

Bigger than a golf ball gone loose from my collection.

Did a neighbor kid send something over the fence?

Shiny white!

Did a squirrel drop a bagel set out by a compassionate soul?

Not even on my pizza.

Nope. We have the biggest wild mushroom I’ve seen on my property growing out there in the corner. So far our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle has followed my culinary tastes and shown no interest in chowing down on the fungus among us.

15 thoughts on “Don’t eat that, Ellie B

  1. Glad you caught that. Sadie doesn’t show any interest in the mushrooms out front, (there are lots every fall) but we check that they’re not in the back, because she is sometimes unattended there.


  2. We had a whole lot of those this year. The good news is that Cody didn’t show any interest in them, and the bunnies and squirrels seemed to be eating them and doing ok, but hubby dug them all out anyway. Then we got a crop of really nasty looking not-round mushrooms with bright yellow undersides, and dug those out. I looked those up, and it seems they are not only edible, but are considered a delicacy. I’m not chancing it anyway. Hopefully, you got yours dug out before Ellie got to it.

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