This time the kids go with us to Ontario Orchards

Our annual October trip to Ontario Orchards was even more fun this time around for my dear wife Karen and I.

Terrific daughter Elisabeth and sensational significant George Three said they wanted to ride along for the seasonal effect.

Special rock in their garden.

Elisabeth decided I should be the one to place the rock she found on the grounds at the Liverpool Public Library. I picked a spot up front in their nursery section, hoping somebody would discover it and post on Facebook, as the directions suggest on the back side. Elisabeth placed several rocks she painted herself at various spots.

Perfect October Sunday.

I gave the 10 a day for taking photos with my iPhone 8.

Plenty of pumpkins.

Of course there were hundreds of pumpkins for buyers to peruse.

Trouble stems from breakage.

I was surprised to discover that the orange seasonal gourds had handles.

Roses when in season.

The whole outdoor scene makes me want to smile.

Collection of colors.

Their displays brought Karen, Elisabeth and George some joy, too.

We didn’t buy any pumpkins, though. No, for us it was pies, cookies, Honeycrisp Apples, a meat stick for
Ellie B and a jar of Utica’s the Thing Chicken Reggie sauce. My arms were too full to take indoor photos.

And then it was off to Rudy’s so the kids could collect more natural rocks for future painting.

More on that tomorrow.

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