Some tasty shrimp from The Clam Bar

I’d been waiting since March for this seated meal out. And for the shrimp scampi from The Clam Bar in North Syracuse, too. This joint is practically hidden on the big Route 11 strip, modest for sure. I’m not ready for eating inside anywhere yet. But a handful of tables in the great outdoors, yes,…

May you stay safe and well

My dear wife Karen and I were safely sitting in our side alcove when we heard voices coming from the Town offices across the way. I checked it out. A group of students, with an adult giving them instructions. They were all safely spaced and wearing masks. Oh, what an end to a school year…

This is more like it as summer begins

Onondaga Lake Park and its marina are starting to look more like there usual selves. I still keep my mind on alert during my safe strolls, of course. May the true start of summer 2000 usher in some good things.

Table side, but not too close

My recent safe stroll through Onondaga Lake Park discovered the tables have been (re)turned. Walkers and visitors can once again sit for a spell. Keep six feet apart, and keep those masks on, please and thank you.

Placid lake

Some days a safe work break stroll discovers a perfectly still Onondaga Lake. I wonder how it can be this calm while the world churns on.

Follow the directive

Recently pulled into the Onondaga Lake Park Marina: A place that just might make it easier for the owners to stay home these next few months.

A more hopeful sign

On a recent work break stroll from the library, my first turn in from the Village of Liverpool streets found these signs. I follow the safe directions, yes. They mean the park is more officially open as our Central New York regions phases in.