Advent beers, finale

Final four.

I finished my gift of Advent beers from Elisabeth and George Three with these brews.

What a 24 mornings of unwrapping and evenings of tasting it was.

My very favorite, you ask?

It was the Apricot Wheat from the First Five! Great job Ithaca Beer Co.

I’d never tasted that particular beer recipe before. In fact, my daughter and her helper on that day of selecting, her enthusiastic niece Mckensie, were able to pick a nearly clean slate for me.

The best part of the gift, though, was the opportunity to text my reactions to Elisabeth each night as I tasted every brew. She gifted George with his own basket of Advent beers, and he and I toasted each other with beer texts on my birthday. How cool was that!

9 thoughts on “Advent beers, finale

  1. apricot sounds good and what a wonderful gift, I love that you gave her your daily reviews. p.s. are those ‘delights’ – special treats, that are looming in the background?)


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