Cheesecake Factory, here we come (one perhaps in leather)

Tonight we shall discover if we like The Cheesecake Factory or not.

Tonight we shall discover if we like The Cheesecake Factory or not.

The big double date to The Cheesecake Factory comes tonight.

Pretty quick plans for me dear wife Karen and I do join my wonderful daughter Elisabeth and her cool boyfriend George, considering that the Syracuse, N.Y. installment of the famous chain opened its doors just this Monday.

All four of us have been looking forward to this meal for months. We like to eat. We like to watch “The Big Bang Theory” on TV. After tonight, the rest will be history.

You can be sure that I will tell the world just what we thought sometime soon.

Which reminds me.

I am late with the following news.

I discovered that I did a good job picking the right store from which to purchase this season’s Christmas gift card for Elisabeth.

When she became a college student, I decided the smartest route to take was the gift card, to a store that I think she will enjoy. I’ve done the clothing thing, at Aeropostale and American Outfitters. I’ve done the shoe store thing, at Off Broadway Shoes.

My daughter Elisabeth models the two coats she purchased with my Christmas gift card.

My daughter Elisabeth models the two coats she purchased with my Christmas gift card.

That one was last season, and, lo and behold, Karen and I were strolling one Sunday afternoon in Destiny USA, and my wife spotted my daughter inside said shoe store.

We went in, and she perused the sneaker rack. She liked two. Her gift card fell a little short of the total. I was there to make up the difference.

This year I decided upon a store that always has inviting merchandise in the windows, a place whose stock should attract my stylish child.

So …

I was minding my own business one day in January when I received a happy text message from my 23-year-old.

She had taken said gift card to that Wilson’s Leather in Destiny USA and left happy indeed.

She had found one leather jacket she wanted. And then she found another one.

Both are now in her wardrobe.

She sent me this picture to show off the style.

Good colors on her, I think.

How is your track record for picking out the right gift card for family members? What do you think is the best gift you’ve ever given?

39 thoughts on “Cheesecake Factory, here we come (one perhaps in leather)

  1. Aw, sounds like you’re a good Dad! Best gift ever given? Not sure it counts as the best but for Christmas this year I bought this thing for my boyfriend where he got to race a Ferrari around a race track a few times. He’s such a nerd, he loved it.


  2. A smart man purchases a gift card when he’s clueless as to what to get her! You made the wise choice:). I used to leave catalogs around the house, conspicuously highlighted with items I liked and sizes. Ugh. Yours is the better route.


    • That was a wide trail of bread crumbs you used to leave to mark the best path, Kaye. This card was for my daughter. My wife simply answers my question of “What do you really want?” and then I add a few surprises, gauging her tastes. I think I do well.


  3. hope the meal was all that you were hoping for. can’t wait to read about it. as for your daughter, and gifting. you played it right and you were in the right place at the right time at the shoe store, as well as in the right frame of mind when you bought her cards. and she is a beauty, so she would look great even in camo, if you had given her a gift card to an army/navy store. i’m pretty good at gifts, i really try to personalize them to the recipient and that usually works quite well. i’ve had some gift mix-ups though that were quite funny. hey, now you’ve given me another idea for a post )


  4. Gift cards are the greatest. They aren’t just-because gifts, or second thoughts. I’ve been giving my friends and relatives home improvement store cards as primary and secondary gifts (there is always a chance you’ll come across something that could call out to someone), because I know they are constantly renovating and refurbishing.


  5. She is a beautiful young lady! And she is lucky to have you as her dad. The coats look stunning on her. Speaking of gift cards, I stopped giving gift cards because the recipient must spend ALL the money in THAT store. In other words, they are stuck to that store. So I send cash.


    • It’s the entree I’ll be tackling most, Sandra, as I must avoid the sugar. But I will have a taste from Karen’s plate and enjoy the atmosphere to the max. And, yes, I think my daughter is adorable, too. Thanks!


  6. I like the coral colored one. And I am horrible at picking out gifts. And gift cards. I’d rather just take the loved one shopping and buy them what they want. It’s a no stress deal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I hope you have fun and eat yourself silly tonight!


  7. Your daughter has chosen beautiful colours! I love the blue/teal jacket especially! Enjoy your night out. I guess you will be looking at the cheesecake rather than eating. But I’m also guessing that they sell other food too. Just what you need after all that snow shovelling.


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