We brought the Cheesecake home from the Factory

Alcove seating.

Terrific daughter Elisabeth and George Three gifted my dear wife Karen with a great gift card good at the Cheesecake Factory for her recent birthday.

We happily attended on a Sunday afternoon at Destiny USA.

Tasty tacos.

My lovely wife was quite happy with her steak tacos and beans.


My four-item omelette made me smile with it ham, bacon, cheddar and red peppers.

Two to go.

Yes, we each chose a cheesecake variety to take home. They served for an ample and tasty dinner much later.

Thank you, Elisabeth and George!

20 thoughts on “We brought the Cheesecake home from the Factory

  1. Mark and family,
    I’m glad you enjoyed that dinner.
    The Cheesecake Factory is definitely a nice place and the food typically very good.
    My wife and I enjoy going there but not too often as they tend to be in the pricey end and we could hardly afford a steady diet there at our level.
    But under your conditions even a better treat!
    Glad you could enjoy it and your family generous enough to provide this gift as well.
    Bon appetite! !


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