I remember where I was when the plane fell in Lockerbie

Beauty for those fallen.

I remember where I was that horrible day in 1988, when word came of the plane that carried Syracuse University students crashing in Lockerbie, Scotland.

I was a newspaper editor for The Post-Standard, and everybody, editors, reporters, pressroom operators, had to band together as more and more bad news came in and the the horror increased.

Some of my friends were sent over the ocean to report the story.

Sadness and anger hovered.

It came back to me as my dear wife Karen and I walked the steps toward the Carrier Dome and saw many flowers left at the beautiful tribute that stands for those who lost their lives while merely trying to study abroad.

In honor and memory.

This being homecoming, I imagined friends and family placing these families. Karen and I stood in silence and bowed our heads.

We will not forget.

The inscription reveals the name and the story.

Rest in peace, please.

11 thoughts on “I remember where I was when the plane fell in Lockerbie

  1. Yes this was a sobering moment for us all.
    It’s amazing the cross section and sectors were involved on just one flight. Almost like someone knew who was on it.
    I was doing consulting for Rohm & Hass at the time and they had executives on board that flight as well !!


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