A new house awaits the snow plow

What a week to move into a new house in Canastota, N.Y.

What a week to move into a new house in Canastota, N.Y.

My stepson Daryl is in the midst of moving from Syracuse into a house he just bought on the eastern outskirts.

My, oh, my they got a lot of snow Thursday to Friday out there.

My dear wife Karen and I drove out to give Daryl a lift because his car got stuck in a friend’s driveway. It was a long, long driveway, with Daryl’s car way up by the garage.

That wasn’t what we went out there to deal with.

We drove him to his house so he could wait for delivery of a new mattress and bed.

His driveway was full of snow.

Daryl’s new house looked beautiful. I had to grab this iPhone 4 shot with this serene winter setting. Besides, I’m proud of Daryl and this big step in his life.

He slowly trooped up the snowy driveway to text the plow guy. He did not look particularly happy as Karen and I pulled away to continue our day.

Welcome to home ownership, Daryl.

Later, a text to Karen: Driveway plowed, new bed delivered.


19 thoughts on “A new house awaits the snow plow

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  2. it does look like a great house, in a great setting. so nice that you and karen are always there to support and help your kids. this is a big move, and i love the move-in lesson of the homeownership reality check. )


  3. Oh, the beauty of home ownership, or tagging along with someone who has a home (I lived with my ex). Every home has a sign that lingers, one that cannot be taken down, and bears that reminder of “That _____ isn’t going to _____ itself.”

    It’s great feeling nonetheless.


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