Hello, baby fig tree

Our second.

My friend John visited after work to diagnose the big fig tree he’d delivered in November.

We’d been texting about some concerns rattling around my brain since he’d told me it was OK to take it out from its winter home in our shed.

Yes or no, John?

He’d mulled over my texted photos and decided it was time to come look in person.

The fig tree whisperer took a few circles around the brown pot. He touched the trunk, branches and buds. This was his baby (tree), having sprouted from clipping culled from is lush backyard collection and boundless care and affection.



Yet he still unloaded the baby fig tree, second big pot, and combo of compost and soil from the back of his truck and detailed instructions from his mind. Together we put together the second, smaller tree that will be my dear wife Karen and I’s second this spring and summer.

It’s all an experiment, he explained. Win-win. We learn from caring for the trees. We should eat figs.

Thank you, John.

9 thoughts on “Hello, baby fig tree

  1. I appreciate people who can educate me on growing. I’m still hoping to get a small vegetable garden going soon. It’s been a very long time since I had one. Have forgotten most everything. Here’s to future figs!


  2. I love figs… and their trees are beautiful. You will enjoy figs one day soon… especially since you know a Fig Tree Whisperer!
    Enjoy your Tuesday my friend.


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