Memories will last forever, thanks to this awesome book of Hawaii

I clutched the book to my heart.

A treasure.

My wonderful daughter Elisabeth and her sensational significant George Three know that I’m still a hard copy kind of guy in so many matters in my life.

So one of our gifts this year compiled the greatest hits of pictures taken on our summer family reunion trip to Hawaii into a book.

Both the kids combed this blog and the photographs George had on his electronic files to come up with favorites.

They laid it out, thanks to a Shutterfly program.

Beautiful, truly.

The result takes my breath away.

Little and big moments.

Within the 20 pages of photos are so many significant moments. Faces and places that have been burned in my memory and buried in my photo roll are now at my fingertips.

Smiling faces.

I mean, look at them. I have been.

14 thoughts on “Memories will last forever, thanks to this awesome book of Hawaii

  1. i love this and i love hard copies of things to look at and remember as well. i’ve made a couple of these books for different reasons and think they are a wonderful way to go –


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