Take it easy, cherished rescue mutt

I have noticed that even our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle has appeared a bit out of sorts at times during the pandemic.

My initial thought was that she would love more company with our schedules changing.

But, not all the time.

She frets with us, I find, keeping her finely tuned sensibilities locked in to our reactions to the daily ups and downs on the news and in life.

Relax, dear dog.

And so I am glad to give to her well-deserved morning relax time on the futon on the every-other-week when I am on my work-from-home schedule with my library job.

Do you see your pet worrying along with you during this crisis?

16 thoughts on “Take it easy, cherished rescue mutt

  1. Our puppy, Riley, is always close by. Nearly demanding regular lap time. I think she’s tuned into our energy too. Sweet Ellie B, may you all rest easy in good time. I hope the vaccine becomes readily available for all of us soon. Fingers crossed


  2. I haven’t noticed too much difference in Puppy Cody, but then I only work part-time anyway so she was used to the on/off work week schedule. During the 3-month lockdown earlier this year, she did get a bit more upset whenever I would leave the house for a doctor’s appointment or something, but once hubby and I went back to our regular work schedules, she adjusted just fine. What I find amusing is that on work days, I take her out at 7:30 am and she does her business immediately, but on non-work days I take her out at 7:30 am and she refuses to do anything. I take her back out around 9-ish and she does her business then, so I’ve taken to just sleeping in. Perhaps it’s her way of telling me I need more rest on my days off. 🙂


  3. Yes, my rescue, Finley, shares my attitudes. Your dog looks sweet relaxing there while Dad is home. Finley is more clingy than even before. Perhaps because I’ve had so much alone time now with her.


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