Your car is running

Here’s the lineup.

I took these photographs and wrote this post before the virus crisis.

When my dear wife Karen and I pulled into the parking lot for a breakfast at Julie’s Diner, I noticed a New York State Trooper had left the car lights on.

On closer inspection of the third of three parked in row, I discovered that the engine was also running.

Crime scene?

No, the troopers were seated at a table, enjoying a breakfast break.

Yes, I did.

I politely approached and informed them that the lights were on and the car was running.

The red lights on top, one asked?

No, just the headlights, I replied.

Nothing wrong here, I found out.

Turns out, our troopers are told to leave their cars running even when they’re not in them. I guess the lights stay on, too. No, not the red ones on top.

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