The time had come to mow

Shaggy bag.

The time comes in April when the lawn mower must come out.

During my staycation last week, I drained the oil from last season and put in a fresh quart. I took the old stuff to Valvoline for recycling purposes and filled up the red gas can, somehow keeping from swearing at the price.

Ellie had her way all winter.

I was ready for the chore.

Grass coming in where the plow company seeded?

So was the lawn, front and back. Sunday, the before photos were snapped and …

18 thoughts on “The time had come to mow

  1. Sometimes I like to let the grass get a bit wild. For one thing it gives the dandelions a chance to spread their seeds, but it also provides an extra feeling of satisfaction when the woolly grass is all mowed down.


  2. Another thing we have in common! I’ve mowed twice and it needs it badly again today. BUT,..I’m a bit under the weather with allergies so I’ll just admire the dandelions and beautiful things that make me think of the prairie (honestly, I would not care if I wasn’t so visible on a main road and my 82 year old neighbor guilts me :-). Happy mowing season, Mark! I have a small Ryobi battery-operated mower and a smaller yard so I’m lucky!


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