Lonely no more?

On a safe walk around the town offices in the neighborhood recently, I noticed the gated playground instruments looked might isolated. I figure school and daycare has been missing from the gated playground since March. Maybe it will start anew, and safe learning and fun will commence.

Having a bird

You know I like the real birds that flit around our yard. The pink flamingos that stay out front our next door neighbors’ place make me happy, too.

The puns are back

One little step back in the blocks around my library job in the Village of Liverpool: The recent return of the pun signs at the corner in front of the pet store. Oh, how I missed the humor on my work break safe walks.

It was one hot summer

The pool crew visited earlier this week. Yes, we know, some days warm enough to dip likely remain. But some days have already dipped down enough at night to chill that water. My dear wife Karen and surely know that this backyard fixture of ours was much appreciated in the summer of COVID-19.

There was Tom Seaver and the rest of the Mets

Oh, I liked the Mets before Tom Seaver arrived on the mound in 1967. It’s just that as a young boy growing up on Long Island, I didn’t know better than to endure all that losing from my very first favorite team. And then this pitcher came to Shea Stadium from Southern California and showed…

Rock swap

On a visit to Onondaga Lake Park with the kids, Elisabeth and Mason came upon a cool painted rock nestled with the natural stones on the shoreline. My talented daughter, of course, had one of her painted rocks in her backpack to trade. The MO. She picks up the rock and puts down her creation…

Happy birds

Sometimes it’s interesting to note the spots the birds choose to hang out around Onondaga Lake Park. I don’t know what, if anything, does or does not spill out of that big, round conduit at the shoreline.

Well maintained

A safe visit to Onondaga Lake Park revealed this low, wide Rose of Sharon. It strikes quite a different stance than the tall version in front of our house. Hmmmmmm.