I do see a walker way down yonder

During a February work break safe walk I saw one other soul out during a cold not-yet-noon time slot. And a dog. Look down the path …

That’s a good line

The sign says so much. Most of the Onondaga Lake proper is frozen over this February, but the marina area still holds some moving waters. In fact, that one area looks like a good, old-fashioned pond on a farm to drop your line. Or maybe I’ve been taking work break safe walks during too cold…

That is the sun

My February work break safe walk led me to the refreshing sight of the sun shining over the Onondaga Lake Park trees and off the frozen-over waters. I had a few seconds to appreciate the view, take a photo, and book on back toward the library.

Icy cold

It took me until a February safe walk to discover what looked like a completely frozen over Onondaga Lake this year. Still, I don’t want to see anybody trying to walk out there. It was so warm during the early parts of winter …

Put away the lights, please

On a recent work break safe walk — short, yes — I passed a tangle of the taken-down Lights on the Lake displays. I don’t blame the workers from resting them until, well, maybe a warm spell?

The Only Living Boy in New York hurdles over eccentric

Movie buffs most likely are way, way deep into the streaming platform search lists in the hopes for that unearthed gem by this point of the second winter of our COVID-19 isolation. We are in our living room. So I stopped on Amazon Prime’s <em>The Only Living Boy in New York</em> and hit play one…

Looking bright out in the cold, this sunset

Even though our temperatures were barely into double-digits F, the glow outside my windows pulled my outside last night. The orange at the far side of our street surely looked warm. Cheers for a Friday February sunset. And I noted the time as 5:30 p.m. with the sun still peeking over the horizon. Hooray.