What they say

The Village of Liverpool pet store uses its corner sign to deliver more than its usual humorous pun during this post-Election times.

A darn nice November post-work night

Work ends on a Tuesday, Nov. 10, and my dear wife Karen and I grab a glass of wine, retire to the futon on our side yard alcove with our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B and savor the last hour of sunlight. It’s 76 degrees in the suburbs of Syracuse, N.Y., a week now that…

The clip-and-catch looks good

I’ll admit that the after shots of the front yard look pretty good to me. The mow did well on the scraggly front yard. And the muclch-and-bag surely helped the backyard, too. Now I will not state that this is the last cut of 2020. I have been known to let my mind wander to…

I couldn’t put off the mowing any longer

Believe it or not, I had not pulled our mower out of the shed since the end of August. The grass just was not growing that much. Usually at the end of summer and through the start of fall, I have to whack it down at least once a week. This past weekend, I had…

What I call a bonus day

This pandemic year of 2020 has not been my best for getting out on the golf course. I started out in spring with a reluctant feeling of masking up and mixing it up with others, even outside and socially distanced once the powers that be in New York State gave the OK for courses to…

All together now

The spare seagull does not seem to mind settling in with the many geese on the shore of Onondaga Lake. And I noticed that none were squawking.

Such a contrast

It does amaze me, during a late October safe walk in the Village of Liverpool, how some Second Street trees steadfastly hold on to their green, while right across the corner the yellows will soon all have succumbed to the seasonal pull.

I can practically hear the autumn song

When a line of trees change color at the same rate, it’s like a chorus hitting their notes together perfectly. That’s the thought that struck my during a late October safe walk in the Village of Liverpool, staring down the line flanking Washington Park.

Multi-colored tree

This tree on the side of First Street in the Village of Liverpool caught my eye during a late October safe walk because of the purples. And greens. Together, high and low, in the same tree. Beautiful.

Here’s our first CNY snow

Some years our first snow in Central New York piles up high. This year’s first accumulation when I awoke Monday morning was just a dusting, really. That’s OK with me, up front and out back. Much more to come, I figure, even though the forecast for the rest of the week after today has temperatures…