Great sight in the park

During a recent work break at the library, I looked across Second Street. A pink tree was blooming in beautiful fashion. It was a short trot across the street to capture the sight that makes me so happy in April.

Can’t stop spring

They are doing much work on the Town of Salina offices on my street. While walking our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B, we notice that the spring flowers don’t care.

Our fandom stands forever

While waiting to secure tickets for May 4th opening day, I strolled over to the brick sections outside of NBT Bank Stadium. Elisabeth’s fantastic gift has been added to the lovely fan section. Thank you, dear daughter! We will visit our brick and smile every game we attend, I am sure.

It pays to be an early bird

Ticket Trade-in Day for the Syracuse Mets started at 10 a.m. one day last week. I received permission from my boss at the library to report in late. I had the four tabletop seats from last season’s canceled opening day still sitting in my dresser. George Three had a coupon book of unused vouchers for…

Just like that, stirrings on the front tree

When my dear wife Karen and I left for a Saturday safe outing, our lone front yard tree showed signs of bursting forth. When we returned an hour-plus later, the buds had really burst. The pods stood out against the late April sky. Our dogwood is getting ready to deliver more. I looked it up…

What I didn’t expect to wake up to on Earth Day

We had more than a little snow in my part of the world for Earth Day 2021. The yellow daffodils in our front yard garden had met their match. And yes that is the backyard pool under the puddle, which is over the cover, which will come off sooner than this photo looks. I think…