Wednesdays become pizza friendly

Wednesdays along the trail at Onondaga Lake Park are now more interesting. The Wolf’s Patio Pizza truck will pull into the lot adjacent to the Salt Museum, just off the lake, at 3 p.m. that day weekly. It makes for an interesting scene. Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image…


Here come the red roses

The new rose bush is in the ground, thanks to the hard work of my dear wife Karen. This variety caught our eye at Ballantyne Gardens because we had one in the backyard of A Little Bitty in the Syracuse neighborhood of Eastwood. We’re hoping this baby thrives nearly as well in the Liverpool neighborhood…

Now bring on the sun and warm weather

The pool people visited on Thursday. The backyard oasis is ready. In name and looks, anyway. Nice job opening the pool. Better them than us. It still isn’t warm enough here in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville as we enter June. My dear wife Karen and I did sit after work in our red Adirondack…

Chicken or the egg?

I wondered what came first as I encountered this fallen giant on our work break walk along the trail at Beaver Lake Nature Center. Did the tree fall because the trunk had been hollowed out by nature? Or did nature hollow out the trunk after the tree had fallen?

If a tree falls in the woods

I wondered, during out work break walk at Beaver Lake Nature Center, how these trees managed to fall in such a way that they stayed up in this pattern. Magnificent, nature is.