Getting the winter out of the golf system

KP and I did not want to wait until our golf league started to get out and swing our clubs this year.

Last year that was pretty frustrating. The first-time participation in the Foxfire Tuesday night nine-holder and our first round of the season together both took place in May. Too late. For the mind. For the body. For the soul.

We agreed to meet at the pleasant little Baldwinsville loop Hickory Hills right after I left work Thursday night.

KP ready at first tee.

KP had paid for both of us and had our spot on hole one as I put on my shoes, stuffed my clubs on the push cart out of the trunk, and freed my spirits.

MB at first tee.

KP, being retired from the big daily for a year now and all, confessed that he’d gotten a round in with Tater on Tuesday.

Sweet move to the ball.

I’m envious of the time and commitment he’s given to his golf swing over the winter. He will hit the ball better this season, I’m thinking.

Solid contact.

With nothing more serious spent than my tears of wonder and sporting admiration for the reaction around the 18th hole after Tiger Woods won the Masters Tournament to cap his comeback a few weeks ago, I still managed to rope my tee shot down the left side on my very first swing of the season.

We’ve switched over, returning to the little league that could at Northern Pines this season. First nine comes May 8. I’ll report back with more thoughts and photos.

8 thoughts on “Getting the winter out of the golf system

  1. That net on the right was put there specifically for KP in case you were wondering….see you guys on the 8th….and I’ll take strokes on the par 3’s since that’ll be my first time out!


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