Happy Easter, with a homemade babka

Baked with love.

My dear wife Karen and I both made trips to different locations of a local Price Chopper supermarket this week in search of a special Easter treat we’d found in their bakery department in years past.

Both places told us that they were no longer making the cheese babka. Karen bought a raisin babka. We had a slice each on Saturday. But, oh, we were missing that special taste and texture of the cheese version.

So she found a recipe up on her iPad, and baked one.

We had babka bits last night, the parts that spilled over the pan while it was baking.


Today we will cut into that very special homemade cheese babka for Easter.

It contains an ingredient we wouldn’t find in any bakery babka, anyhow.

Happy Easter to all. May you enjoy it with your loved ones.

18 thoughts on “Happy Easter, with a homemade babka

  1. oh, I’ll bet this is wonderful! I’ve never had a babka of any kind, just remember them from Seinfeld. ) happy easter to you and yours. I’m still having trouble ‘liking’ and sometimes sending my respose to my list of bloggers who I follow and reply to on email, so doing if mostly from my reader. I’m pretty sure you must be having the same issue with mine. hopefully resolved soon!


    • Happy Easter, my friend. Yes, Seinfeld made the babka popular for a short while, for sure! As far as the commenting and liking issue, I had it solved for a little bit, but then it started again. Back to the Reader I’ve been. I don’t know why it goes awry.

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  2. We have to have the special treats of Easter! I baked a Slovak Bread called Paska Bread. Sweet memories of my Mom and Easter Days from long ago!

    Happy Easter and enjoy your Babka!


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