And one droopier bloom out back

And one proud but droopy set of flowers spring up out back.

The wind whips up Onondaga Lake

Walking on a work break on Friday, the wind was stirring the water greatly on Onondaga Lake. The color was brown. The birds were having a blast up higher. I wanted to catch the sound for you all with my iPhone 8, too.

My daughter shows good taste on her birthday week

My wonderful daughter picked the Madison Bistro for the four of us to celebrate her birthday. She and George Three had been telling my dear wife Karen and I about the little place’s great Farm to Table fare for a few months now. Karen and I arrived first and picked the table. Elisabeth joked that…

Happy spring sunrise

Ellie B got me up early enough Sunday to catch a pretty spring sunrise over the backyard of A Bitty Better. Our cherished rescue mutt has been very happy with the warm-up.

More boat time!

I couldn’t tell if this guy was putting the boat in or taking it out. I sure was glad enough for an April day warm enough for it to be coming or going.