My daughter shows good taste on her birthday week

Looking interesting.

My wonderful daughter picked the Madison Bistro for the four of us to celebrate her birthday.

She and George Three had been telling my dear wife Karen and I about the little place’s great Farm to Table fare for a few months now.

Still my kid.

Karen and I arrived first and picked the table. Elisabeth joked that their favorite waitress took service because she knew I was her father with just one look.

Could be.

Karen and I each took a glass of wine to start, and I talked George into a draft beer. Choices abounded for both, California wines and Central New York beer.

The menu was full of simple fare such as burgers and sandwiches, pot pie and soups. Prices reflected the farm-to-table philosophy. They also had a steak-of-the-week for 22 bucks.

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Karen and George both appreciated the seafood chowder. Karen held up a juicy shrimp from the bowl for me to admire.

Elisabeth thoroughly enjoyed her bacon cheeseburger.

My steak panini was fresh and tasty. The fries on the side were crisp and delicious.

Elisabeth and Karen both went for a dessert. Karen mentioned she was admiring both the raspberry and pecan varieties.

When we checked out, the waitress brought the pecan in a bag for us to bring home, no charge. Great touch.

Four cheers.

With a healthy tip and three drinks, the bill came to a tad over $100.

I think the four of us will be returning to this sweet little Wampsville spot.

17 thoughts on “My daughter shows good taste on her birthday week

  1. 4 people dining for under $100? Excellent! Happy belated birthday to Elisabeth.

    For my birthday, which is already past, I’ve talked my girls into taking me to a restaurant down the street from me. We will go in a couple of weeks (too many schedules had to be coordinated). I chose Otto’s because not only is it a short (2-minute) drive, but they also have the best lasagna around – almost, but not quite, as good as mine. And that’s saying a lot because my lasagna is the absolute very best. One of the girls will drive, so I can drink. Should turn out to be a great dinner.


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