I’ll be patient for this train of thought

Rustic, yes.

Considering that my journey to my library job takes me across the train tracks to and from, I hardly ever am inconvenienced by falling crossing rails.

It happened right around 8 a.m. recently.

I had left early enough for my 8:30 a.m. shift start that I could watch and admire as hundreds of rail cars passed.

I’m glad freight still travels in this manner, I mused. … And I am also quite amazed at the graffiti that adorns just about every dang rail car.

11 thoughts on “I’ll be patient for this train of thought

  1. You’re keeping us on track, Mark! Two of my teaching positions required crossing the tracks. Where I live now is the other side of the tracks (however anyone wishes to define that). The only time I was late to work was because of the train; boss told me I couldn’t use it as an excuse ever again. But I don’t mind stopping and admiring them. I’ve always been fascinated by trains.


    • They are such an important part of our history, Beth, and around the world, current travel in a big way. As far as my past, I was a subway and Long Island Rail Road rider when I was growing up. Nobody in my family owned a car until we moved to Long Island and my father got a big Oldsmobile.


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