Bliss comes with many wrinkles for Owen Wilson, Selma Hayek


Life is not going well for Greg. This we know when we meet him in his work office, ignoring his work phone while answering his cell to apologize for personal wrongdoings to his daughter. Once his co-workers get through to him, he’s summoned to the boss’ office.

Told he’s fired. Reacts badly. Doesn’t turn out well for the boss, either. Escapes to the bar across the street, where he’s pulled into the sphere of odd woman Isabel, who seems to know every darn thing he’s done. And needs.

In this 2021 mystery-drama directed and produced by Mike Cahill, the world is not what it seems at first blush for poor Greg. It’s not real is the coda pushed at him by Isabel.

We’re left to figure out what the past and the future will behold for him. Her. Them.

Owen Wilson and Selma Hayek do quite well as this fish-out-of-water duo.

It’s so confusing. (From

They are what they are, possibly, and they do have each other, maybe.

It’s interesting enough to follow along and hope for the best and fear the worst. For him, her, and everybody the roll past or over.

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