Can you Like a Boss and like yourself?

Like a Boss


Sure, Mia and Mel have their quibble and insecurities, but they can always count on each other. Right? Right?? Right???

Yes, yes, and then comes marching in the promise of riches and big-time industry recognition in the name of a buyout from Claire Luna and her mega-company.

Mel wants it. Mia doesn’t it. Claire Luna senses the crack in their foundation. Here comes trouble, and the women-are-powerful storyline for this adventure in business and human dynamics directed by Miguel Arteta from the screenplay and story by Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly.

The movie is billed as a comedy. And the work by the three stars – Tiffany Haddish as Mia, Rose Byrne as Mel and Selma Hayek as Claire Luna – earns a chuckle or two from my dear wife Karen and I from our living room flat screen, OK.

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Haddish is the best of the three, physically and mentally, and Byrne is a good match for her drier approach in a pairing that needs some oil and vinegar. Hayek, though, comes a bit too over the top in a part that’s written to be, yes, evil to the core.

So, did we believe it more when the wicked witch from the big time wiggled her way into the psyches of the lifetime friends or when they came to an a-ha moment to decide that maybe all those years of working as one really did make sense?

I won’t give it away here.

5 thoughts on “Can you Like a Boss and like yourself?

  1. Sounds entertaining, Mark. I really like Tiffany Haddish and Selma Hayek. I’m torn with the girl power genre. It’s feeling contrived. But I appreciate finding more strong female characters in movies. It’s complicated, bro!


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