Of course the gift shop offers plenty of glass

Merch down below.

The folks at the Corning Museum of Glass have wisely located the gift shop.

You can walk in and peruse the aisle upon aisle of items when you enter the doors or just before you leave.

We chose the latter, but I did get a sneak preview by squeezing off a photo from an overhanging balcony on the floor above.

I did indeed appreciate the architecture of this place.

Anyway, on this our anniversary, my dear wife Karen went home with a pair of red-heart-glass earrings and a glass rose.

Mission extremely accomplished.

I hope you enjoyed the adventure with us. If you plan to visit New York’s Southern Tier, check out the Corning Museum of Glass site to consider your own trip. And here I will mention that it is only 20 or so miles from the world famous Watkins Glen International auto racing course.

13 thoughts on “Of course the gift shop offers plenty of glass

  1. Excellent stuff Mark. So nice to revisit with your eyes. Thanks. I was not expecting much before I first went to the Glass Museum (after all, I had been to the Salt Museum and the Cheese Museum in Rome NY), but what a revelation. A couple of other great close-by places to visit: The Seward House and the Harriet Tubman Home, both in Auburn. Also, have you been to the Munson-Williams-Proctor Art Museum in Utica? Very impressive, in particular Thomas Cole’s The Voyage of Life.


  2. I’ve been following this post series, Mark, but haven’t had time to comment. For years, I’ve thought about visiting the Corning Glass Works museum, but never got around to it. After reading your posts, I’m definitely putting it on my “must go there” list. I can take Teddy Rosalie along for a photo shoot – hopefully, she’ll behave herself. (If only this pandemic ends soon so I can feel comfortable traveling …)


  3. What an adventure for you, and what a wonderful gift for Karen, Mark. Some days I wish I lived in a large city just for museums like that, but mostly I’m happy with Owensboro. Might be even better in a smaller town (I’ve been watching the Christmas movies on Hallmark and they are almost all set in small communities). Life seems like a horror movie right now but some day we will look back and maybe find something to laugh about all of this, but right now, no. I’ve lost too many friends to the present pandemic.


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