Trudging out in the Dinosaur Garden Lawn

At the library, my boss Glenna’s office has a great view of the Dinosaur Garden Lawn.

When we had a big snow last week, she came up to my desk and said it looked kind of cool to her.

Out I trudged. The shots I got with the Liverpool Public Library good camera went up on our social media.

I also snuck in a few with my iPhone 8 for here.

Three cold dinosaurs.

The trademark dinosaur statues stood guard proudly under their blanket.

Play it again, Sam?

The musical instruments were ready for some cool tunes from brave patrons.

Nature’s contrasts.

The trees and plants in the Habitat Garden were covered, too.

Building our relationships.

As I worked, I heard a thunderous thump as gathered snow fell from the roof’s ledge. I indeed told patrons that if they were to come visit this day to keep their heads up.

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