Racing to find that sound

A recent weekend visit to Nichols to buy some staples also led to a stray toward Onondaga Lake when the return trip to my car included some sounds coming up from Onondaga Lake.

People were doing something down at the park, I thought.

Come, quick.

The sound that was carrying up the two blocks was people cheering runners on toward a finish line.

Gray skies and coming moisture, be it snow or rain or some mixture thereof, be damned.

You can do it.

Some were shouting out times.

The runners appeared to be of all ages.

Well done.

And in a moment, they were done and going back.

14 thoughts on “Racing to find that sound

  1. The runners in question have my respect and admiration; I’ve gone from spending hours outside shovelling during a Canadian blizzard to spending thirty minutes pushing the new snow blower my wife bought me.
    Getting old may suck, it’s true, but at least I’m an old guy who can afford a shiny piece of technology.


    • My dear wife wrote one check at the beginning of the season so a plow guy comes to do the driveway every time it snows at least 3 inches, Hook. So I only have to brush off the cars and shovel the walks. Only. Ha. Sure beats having to shovel that driveway …


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