Seth Green flexes all his talents with Changeland


Brandon is not quite in the mood to take the vacation to Thailand he’s planned.

It’s supposed to be an anniversary excursion with his wife.

Instead, he meets up with longtime friend Dan, and off they go for three days full of explaining why they’re their and trying to make the most of that circumstance.

It’s a lot easier for photographer Dan than mopey Brandon. You see, he snuck off because he discovered his wife was having an affair and decided this was a better way to address it than actually confront her about his suspicions.

Written and directed by Seth Green, who plays Brandon as a man as miserable as you’d expect him to be, this 90-minute buddy comedy starts flat and gets better.

How did these two get to be friends, you wonder as Dan tries to shake Brandon out of his funk … while unloading some of his complaints about that husband-wife relationship in the process.

Things get rolling when they meet a boat driver played with great spunk by Macaulay Culkin and a pair of guides played quite well by Brenda Song and Clare Grant.

Their night tasting the wild ways of Thailand is memorable indeed.

No, they’re no twins. (From

Fun is had, consciences are explored, lives are sorted out.

You can pick a worse way to spend an hour-and-a-half, for sure.

6 thoughts on “Seth Green flexes all his talents with Changeland

  1. I saw pictures on Instagram a long while ago of this motley group hanging out together and thought, what I the world. They must have been working together on this project. Sounds like a fun escape. Thanks, bro!


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