A Martinfest under sunshine is a very good thing

When the sun shines on Martinfest, everybody has a really good time.

Everybody shines.

The gathering of great friends put together so wonderfully by the Martin family took over the corner parking lot for another fantastic Saturday. We marked the almost-passing of February in fine style for, maybe, a decade straight now.


I could go back and count how many years I’ve started the proceedings with a breakfast sandwich cooked on the grill by cousin Jason paired with a beer. (Kona, this time, again.)

Don’t feel like it.

Play it.

Too much grooving to the tunes provided by this year’s new addition. A DJ!

Dancers turned to karaoke singers.

He kept the parking lot dance floor moving until he handed out karaoke mikes. Wow. No, I didn’t.

Bagged a couple.

I did get into a game of cornhole, though, on a winning team, even. On my second game ever, I found the bottom of the hole with my beanbag more than once. My dear wife Karen threw some practice shots with me, and agrees that a set would be a good addition to our backyard.

Fantastic friends for sure.

Our host Michelle had a blast making her usual rounds. Second from the right above, she makes sure everybody feels connected.

Relax, pal.

Even four-legged friends are welcome.

Happy day.

Our winter was made again. Thank you, Martinfest!

14 thoughts on “A Martinfest under sunshine is a very good thing

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun.
    I hope all had a good time.
    These are some of the good things in life we often don’t realize them or appreciate them enough as they happen.
    Like the Valley View days.
    Great fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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