Landscape always beats profile to me

Could be better.

When I walk past the center atrium of Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA, my eyes truly are drawn to the big screen they’ve put up as an attraction.

Advertising mission accomplished, money-makers.

Yet, oh, my brain.

Turn it sideways. Show sports games that are important to the community. What could be.

12 thoughts on “Landscape always beats profile to me

    • The 19-theater Regal movie complex is on the fourth floor of commercial stuff, Sandra. Administrative offices that public doesn’t have access to is on the fifth. (This counts the basement level, which has a parking garage AND stores as No. 1.) It’s huge.

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  1. Naw, it all depends. I remember an AP photog who always shot in profile and his pix were such a dramatic relief when you were trying to lay out a news page. It took real discipline to work the way he did, to pick out the most telling details.


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