Let there be more lights for A Bitty Better’s first holiday

At first I thought I’d buy enough strands of lights to decorate the evergreen tree to the left of the front of A Bitty Better. In fact, I told my dear wife Karen that was the plan for our first Christmas in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

Then I took a good look up. And up. And up. I thought about the gap between that tree and the house, and how I’d maneuver our extension ladder. I looked at our five-foot Werner and knew it would not get the job done.

The center tree.

The center tree.

I changed my mind.

It’s not an evergreen, but I believe the tree in the center of our front lawn accepted the 300-light strand I purchased for this purpose very well, indeed.

A different angle.

A different angle.

Winding them from top-to-bottom was a bit of a challenge without the cushion of needled branches.

I like the effect, sparse and wintry-like.

Howdy, neighbors.

Howdy, neighbors.

Our neighbors on one side took a different decorational direction.

What sort of holiday decorations have you seen where you live? What do you or have you put up on your property? What would be your dream set-up for the holidays, and why?

20 thoughts on “Let there be more lights for A Bitty Better’s first holiday

  1. I love your tree! Very original, and I’ve always liked original best 😉 As we live in the upper midwest, in deer country, I’d love some life-like deer and a sleigh for my front yard, and a way to light up the huge fir tree that’s skirting the road at the center of our front lawn. With the lake on the other side of the road, able to catch the reflection of the lights, I think that would be beautiful 🙂


  2. i’m kind of a minimalist, though i enjoy driving or walking by all of it. mine is mostly inside with just a little string around my front porch on the outside. pretty set up for your first holiday there )


  3. Our neighbors have a jumbo snowman and it always brings us joy – it used to fall over a lot but they have secured it better the last couple of years.
    And I like your tree!
    We add lights to our front yard and I always love pulling up to see them – for a little while our culdesac was the most lit up in the entire subdivision- but some burned out and hang wreaths and maybe one or two lights – but for a while it was fun!


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