From a cast to a brace for my dear wife Karen


The news was good when my dear wife Karen went for her follow-up appointment to check on the healing of her fractured wrist.

Her doc allowed her to go from cast to moldable brace.

The new look.

The new look.

Next step … we’ll find out in a few weeks. There will be physical therapy involved. That much she’s been told.

Now, though, Karen is appreciating the greater range of movement, less bulk and itch, and removable aspect of the brace. Yay!

Have you ever had to wear a brace such as this, and if so, what was it like for you?

17 thoughts on “From a cast to a brace for my dear wife Karen

  1. When I fell and broke my ankle, dislocated it, bilateral something or other, I also hurt my wrist and other ankle. I think I had one sound limb remaining. I used a brace for my wrist. Pretty useless really.

    Many more years ago, 9? I fell and damaged my whole right arm. That was in May. I didn’t go to hospital, bandaged/slung it up, and it eventually healed. Typing carefully at first was a huge help. By Sept, I could eventually carry things with that arm.

    Being right-handed, it was amazing how many things I suddenly learnt to do with my left hand. Hope the rest of K’s recovery is swift.


    • You are brave, Roughseas, staging your recover on your own. Congratulations for learning how to do things with our off hand, too. Wow. I’m impressed.
      Karen at least has her dominant hand to do a lot of the busiest work.

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      • No. Not brave. Just don’t buy into the medical ethos. We can recover on our own but aren’t allowed because, usually, of the work syndrome. Pushes us to get to work faster, but not necessarily better faster. Big difference. My arm is much better than my hospital treated ankle. But, so it goes. Hope K is on light duties!


  2. Love and healing to you and your dear wife Karen, Mark. The first brace I had to wear was when I was 10 years old, after I got my first cardiac pacemaker. The doctors believed I needed to wear a plastic and metal brace to protect the pacemaker from being accidentally jostled. Thank goodness, they realized that wasn’t necessary after a year or two.


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