All that snow can’t stay on the deck of A Bitty Better

I could not just sit and wait for my dear wife Karen and I to walk over to our friends Georgia and Bert’s house one block over from A Bitty Better to partake in a wonderful Thanksgiving bird and all the accompanying treats.

No. All that snow that had fallen a few days in front of the holiday in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville was piled up on the deck off the back door. And I could hear it calling my name before our 3 p.m. stroll, arms full of our contributions, to their pretty house.

Lotta snow.

Lotta snow.

So a shoveling I went, from the side alcove to the deck. Two hours, I worked.

Clear it I did.

Clear it I did.

I discovered something interesting, as I sweated through my jacket and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle happily ran around the yard.

Pile I.

Pile I.

There are two proper places for me to place the snow.

The first is on the near side of the shed. That filled before I had even reached the deck.

Pile II.

Pile II.

The second is next to the left-side fence, as far from the pool as possible. I don’t want to steer our beloved rescue mutt near the pool cover.

I am glad that we’ve gotten somewhat of a melt since. Those pair of piles were pretty high. If this winter brings steady snow, I wonder where I will put the deposits from that deck.

Would you shovel the deck or let the show pile up? Would you throw the snow close by the deck, or carry it afar as I did? Where did you eat your turkey this year?


12 thoughts on “All that snow can’t stay on the deck of A Bitty Better

  1. Most definitely a walk thru is best. You don’t want to be stuck in the house. I mean what if some emergency happened – like you ran out of food? Snorts and oinks – priorities my friends. XOXO – Bacon


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