Yes, that’s a skeleton

Big individual set up. Should we go see the skeleton, terrific daughter Elisabeth asked as we drove toward her and George Three’s new house. I’m so glad he pointed the car in the direction of the nearby street. Just about every house on that block had put up holiday lights. This house, though, took my…

Frosty day

They’re looking good in the Village of Liverpool. That made me feel fairly frosty during a recent safe stroll during a work break at my library job.

Getting ready for our new year

May you have a special day ringing out the year. And the decade. I’ll leave you looking up from a spot I park my car many times while running errands in the Village of Liverpool. It’s a reminder to keep our eyes open to find the wonder in life.

Happy house in the neighborhood

My cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I appreciated the work they did to decorate the biggest house in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. We couldn’t wait until it got that dark, now, could we? Believe me, it looks nice.

Nighttime is the bright time for Clinton Square holiday lights

I considered myself fortunate that my work meeting in downtown Syracuse kept me until sunset. That meant that my carefully planned parking near Clinton Square allowed me to take photos of the festive holiday scene with my iPhone 8 after nightfall. Taking in this location has become a tradition. I may no longer visit every…