The Gerber Daisies are a good pick every year

My dear wife Karen didn’t even ask me to dig the hold for our annual pot of Gerber daisies. She went and took care of this part of the planting from our Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center haul by herself after we’d put the azalea in the ground together. Yes, she brought the chairs up from…

Our new azalea looks solid

The carefully selected azalea from Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center is now safely in our backyard garden. My dear wife Karen walked the line, held out her fingers, gauged the sun angles and told me where to dig. Love it.

We won’t mess with the dog like this

There are many different pre-carved evergreen bushes available for purchase at Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center. You know, for those of us who want a great topiary but don’t think we have the artistic talent with the clippers. They are interesting. We could not do that to our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle.

Some lawns add extras to their flowers

When my dear wife Karen and I safely stroll the aisles of Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center each spring, different features catch my eye. Some worker spent extra time in the lawn statue section this year. Somebody somewhere has a green space waiting to be spiced up with one (or more) of these babies. Not us.…

Our spring trip to find new garden plants

My dear wife Karen and I decided our spring picks at Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center would include a new azalea. That section was surprisingly spare in its choices. We did add one to our cart. Thank you to sister-in-law Lynne for the gift certificate for this spring’s shopping spree! I’ll wait to show you the…

We add our Gerber Daisy

Walking all the aisles at Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center is a pleasurable safe hike, mask and all. After soaking in the genres we decided upon … A lovely Gerber daisy. Yes, we do have an annual every year, too.

A garden center in a suburban setting

When you look out in the distance at Chuck Hafner’s Garden Center, you’d think they were growing and welling their plants and trees out in the country. Look in another direction, though, and you can spot the big buildings of other businesses poking through the nature. This is, after all, the suburbs of Syracuse.