Finding fun on the SU hill

Walking up the hill toward the Carrier Dome for any Syracuse University sporting event, Crouse College always stands out.

The Castle, it could be called.

They're on a roll.

They’re on a roll.

Taking that walk for a game last month, my dear wife Karen and I spotted some kids stamping the big hill around the building as their own.

They were on a roll.

If I were decades younger, I might have joined them.

What’s the biggest hill you’ve ever rolled down? What would you like to do on this hill? What does Crouse College bring to your mind?

4 thoughts on “Finding fun on the SU hill

  1. it’s so pretty. my class at school rolls down a slight incline that they call a hill and we sled down it too and they scream with delight. i did the same thing when i was an elementary kid, but we had a really big hill )


  2. Ah, the biggest hill? For me, definitely the toboggan run at Chestnut Ridge Park (Amy Rose can verify that). While I never actually went down the hill on a toboggan, I loved sitting at the top of the hill on one of the huge swings and just gazing down the hill towards the north. You can see the city skyline from that hill, and it’s awesome.


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