This time, the hair goes, too

So the virus crisis and stay-at-home normal here in Central New York has reached round two of my do-it-yourself vanity mechanizations.

Can’t go to Theresa’s joint, Hairy Notions, for my every-four-week beard and hair trim.

The hair I was able to let go the last time around.

Before. Four weeks of beard, eight weeks of hair.

This time, both ends of my head had to face my clippers.

I took care of the beard myself, with some cleanup work with scissors around the ‘stache from my dear wife Karen. She declared that I’d done better than the first time attempt four weeks prior. Confidence does breed excellence, I declared. Well, competence, at least. Don’t worry, Theresa.

After careful consideration, we decided that Karen would handle all the hair. We set the clipper length seating from 1 to 3 and let her at it.

After. Aerodynamic.

Now I’m ready to feel less stuffY behind that mask of mine, and sleeker on our windy days, too.

21 thoughts on “This time, the hair goes, too

  1. My husband is doing the complete opposite! He has to wear a mask all day and has still decided to let his mane of salt/pepper hair grow (it’s longer than mine!) and his beard (also longer than mine 😂). I love the hair memes out there MBM.


  2. You men have it so easy. Us women are walking around with seriously messy hair. Even those of us who always had short hair styles aren’t willing to shave it all off. Your salons will likely be opening in a couple of weeks, but as you know WNY is still struggling with that hospitalization rate. I suppose I could order a wig from Amazon and then shave my head in the meantime, but I don’t think I’m that brave. BTW, I expect that once we reopen here, there’s going to be a real shortage of blonds …


  3. I agree with Beth! Erik really needs a trim. DWK is giving me the confidence I need to reach for the clippers. You two have a great day! Keep staying safe out your way!


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