Learning to DIY, trimming the beard installment

My every-four-week vanity appointment fell on Friday.


The beard, she does grow fast.

My great friend Theresa can’t open her salon. Decades of trims of the hair and beard, cut.

My dear wife Karen and I planned for it.

A beauty.

I chose the Panasonic trimmer out of the many listed on Amazon.

It was delivered to our door in a couple of days.

Saturday I Did It Myself. With the setting at 1, the shortest possible, I went at the beard, the bathroom sink covered with a hair-catching towel.

What a process. Hair, there, everywhere.

I so much appreciate what Theresa goes through in the coarse of my stubble.

Smiling face.

Karen was happy to attend for a few finishing touches in hard-to-reach corners, and to grab a scissor for mustache hair-lip perfection.

I am not yet ready to go for the top of my head.

I admire the work of this trimmer. Yet I know I will return to my Vanity Appointment routines when Theresa can reopen Hairy Notions in North Syracuse. For sure.

15 thoughts on “Learning to DIY, trimming the beard installment

  1. You and Karen did a good job. I knew a lot of women were upset about not being able to go to a salon, but I never thought of guys who need to go. My husband bought a head shaver a couple of years ago and just shaves his head periodically, and he doesn’t wear a beard so he doesn’t need a salon. I keep my hair as short as possible, while still looking female, and I don’t color it, so all I’ll really have to do is trim the bangs once or twice – hopefully by the time the rest of my hair gets unmanageable, the salons will reopen.


    • If this goes on for more than a month more, I’ll have to not only take another swipe at the beard but have a go at the head, too, CM. I’ll take some confidence knowing your hubby already accomplishes it!

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  2. I just bought my husband a beard trimmer from the As Seen On TV section of a local big box store. I have always encouraged his trips to the Hot Spot Salon and Spa, because it puts money into the local economy and he enjoys it. I admire your results. I may or may not blog about Steve’s!


  3. I as well as many others are in the same situation.
    Considered buying a Flowbee popular years ago and discovered they are not as popular as a real barber now.
    Not the only one with that idea there were a few preowned models on eBay auction. One started at $80 and sold a few days later for $260! Wish I had several to sell.
    Now I will be considering other options.
    Anyone know a good drive through barber 💈 shop?


  4. looks like you and ‘your team’ were prepared, and the results were great. i know we will all appreciate those who help us with our grooming and beauty, when we are able to see them again, and admire their skills.

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