These cookies are well protected

That’s decorating.

Taking a walk around the blocks, my dear wife Karen and I allowed ourselves to orient this one time toward commerce. And sensible social distancing of course.

There’s an open bakery down on the main road.

No other customers were spied inside the big front windows.

We were glad to see both a bottle of hand sanitizer and a container of disinfectant wipes up on the counter.

Behind it were racks of fresh-made bread, cookies, muffins and donuts. Candy, too. A few of each, really. The server told us business is slow, but it being a family-owned place, they can’t afford to close.

We took two loaves of French bread, a bunch of cookies and one donut.

Two of the cookies were perfect for these times.

Well played, family owners.

16 thoughts on “These cookies are well protected

  1. i love that they are finding a unique way to deal with this crisis and keep their store afloat. i’ve been trying to buy from local little shops whenever possible.


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