No boats in yet

No rush.

After a month of staying away because of a fear of crowds, my dear wife Karen and I took the chance to take our self-care walk to the trails of Onondaga Lake Park.

We chose Easter Sunday, thinking the special day may have brought less folks to the big park a couple miles from our house.

And we parked outside the closed library, bypassing the big lot by the park’s also shut visitors center.

We walked the short blocks down the Marina, like I do so often during my work break strolls.

No boats. Some people. We wore our masks.

You’ll see some more of the park in coming days.

17 thoughts on “No boats in yet

  1. I hear you, Mark. If it ever stops snowing and warms up a wee bit, hubby and I intend to drive over to the river or somewhere that’s not likely to be crowded (like one of the college campuses). Anywhere, so long as it’s not the inside of our own home or within the perimeters of our own backyard,


  2. Mark, it’s a shame but we all wish things were return to the way they used to be.
    Unfortunately it will still be some time for that.
    But keep the faith we’ve made it through a lot of things before.
    Be safe.


  3. I’m glad you went out and I’ve been doing the same, in a safe way of course. It really helps. Soon, the boats will return and we’ll know summer’s not so far away


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