Our dogwood is looking good

Looking spry.

Now that my old friend Greg Boytos has convinced me that my front yard tree is a dogwood, it has come out in full for my dear wife Karen and I to celebrate.

(I’m not saying that Greg is old, mind you, because he and I are roughly the same age. I am saying that our connection goes way back to our school years together, junior and senior and high back down on the Island, oh those decades ago. Anyway, he’s how a Facebook friend who saw my last what-kind-of-tree is this post and strong called the almost-ready-buds and surrounding buds those of a dogwood. Another comment reminded me that he’s a landscaper, so there we have it.)

Closer inspection.

Doesn’t it look sweet?

A bit of warmer weather has been good for it.

14 thoughts on “Our dogwood is looking good

  1. Oh yea a Dogwood for sure! Pretty as can be! That means mine are blooming at the LakeHouse! Still have no idea when we will be getting to our summer retreat! 🥺


  2. LOL. My house has lots of flowering trees and bushes that were here when we moved in, and I don’t know what any of them are. I learned what the big planter next to the house contained last summer when I was outside trimming and a lady walking by said, “Oh what lovely hostas!” Really? I don’t even know what hostas are, but apparently mine are lovely. I don’t think we have any dogwoods, so I’ll just enjoy yours.


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