Dangerous Lies feels a little creepy from the start, gets worse

(From IMDb.com)

You’re going to find a lot of unanswered questions as the story unwinds in Dangerous Lies. You’re going to guess who’s pulling what kind of wool over who’s eyes. Who done what to these young people who found this unbelievably lavish house fall into their laps? Are they true to each other? Can their be a shiny, happy ending?

Will you thing the 93 minutes spent on Netflix with this thriller directed by Michael Scott from a screenplay by David Golden time well spent at home?

Well, you know.

There have been better suspenseful yarns. And there have been worse emotional tales.

At the start we find a young married couple canoodling in the back parking lot on her break from waitressing. When they stumble back in, he plays hero to foil a robbery. This leads to her switching to a job as a caretaker for a gentle soul. She’s really good with the guy until she finds him dead in the attic.

Then things get creepy. And really creepy.

Camila Mendes, of TV’s Riverdale fame, does a solid job with the lead, good with anguish and pondering which direction to take when. Jessie T. Usher plays pretty well as her husband, though his character is written as such as I definitely wondered why the heck she’d stand by this guy.

Who’s trusting who? (From IMDb.com)

Elliott Gould feels like a gift with his early plot work as the understanding house owner, a Hollywood veteran who has truly been there and done that.

These two young folk keep discovering hidden secrets and battle what comes through the door next.

Resolution comes in many forms. Think for a second. Onward to the next Netflix click.

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