Adam Sandler makes you squirm lots in Uncut Gems


You know the guy who won’t shut up?

Won’t realize that you’re not kidding when you act that you don’t want him to come around anymore?

Won’t stop doing the bad things that make his life worse and worse and worse?

Meet Howard Ratner in Uncut Gems.

And wow, does Adam Sandler play this manic Manhattan jeweler to the teeth. You’ll love to hate Howard Ratner. And, in tiny bits and pieces as this 2-hour, 15-minute drama winds on, you’ll hate that you love him, too.

Directed by brothers Josh and Benny Safdie from a screenplay by Ronald Bronstein and the Safdies, Uncut Gems feels as real as a punch in the nose received for sticking it where it doesn’t belong and just as painful.

Sandler has this careening character down, hot and cold.

His office is always abuzz with action, and he’s alway looking for the next big score. The problem is, he has lots of nuts to cover. Business. Family. Gambling. Other pursuits.

When he finds exotic-land opals and an NBA player who’s fascinated, he things his time has come.

The ups and downs with all sorts of characters, friends, foes, shady, helpful and in between will make you watch in horror and maybe even fascination.

6 thoughts on “Adam Sandler makes you squirm lots in Uncut Gems

  1. i saw this at the theater pre-virus and didn’t know much about it. it makes you cringe from the opening frame to the last frame, but as you described, there is something about his character, that turns you to rooting for him. you never relax for even one second, getting caught up in his manic pace, as the movie unfolds before your eyes. what an amazing actor he’s become.


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