The Retreat keeps it nicely distanced outdoors

We’re happy, too.

A shared off day in the middle of the week led to a snap decision for a lunch date with my dear wife Karen.

We decided to return to The Retreat in the Village of Liverpool for the first time since they reopened for outdoor business.

We missed you, too.

It seemed as if they were really happy to be fighting the virus with us.

Well done.

This place is usually done up nice in normal times. Now, too.

Wait we will.

The signs told us to walk around to the patio entrance. A couple of parties were ahead of us. The wait was not long.

Spaced out.

Yes, the tables appeared to be six feet apart.

Weekday bonus.

We took our masks off at the table and enjoyed the company.

As good as it was in March.

I know I ordered the same thing as the last time I was here, pre-virus. A cup of French onion soup and the French Dip sandwich. Karen may have had the turkey with cranberry mayo sandwich that last visit, too. The onion rings was a late decision on her part.

Good, indeed.

6 thoughts on “The Retreat keeps it nicely distanced outdoors

  1. well done by all! it looks great, inviting, and friendly. and safe. it must have made you both feel so good to be there enjoying the experience together


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