New backyard flower additions will be beautiful

This weekend’s beautiful spring weather allowed me to grab the shovel and dig holes in the spots pointed to by my dear wife Karen.

From Ballantyne Gardens.

Into our backyard went the two peony plants purchased during this spring’s safe trip to our favorite Liverpool nursery, Ballantyne Gardens.

A great gift.

Also now added to our array is the fantastic Mother’s Day gift from daughter Elisabeth and George Three.

Every year we add some things sensational.

15 thoughts on “New backyard flower additions will be beautiful

  1. I love the part where you admit that you dig where directed. The secret to a very happy union. We have a similar arrangement working for us over here, bro. 😉


  2. I love peonies, bro. Mark. Nice to know spring is arriving somewhere! We had our usual false spring but are now in one of the many “winters” that begin with Locust winter, then thru to June when we finally have “Blackberry” winter. It’s strawberry winter here now and then if all goes as usual we will then jump right into summer! I’m glad I got online early so I could find you easier.


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