We take our annual visit to Ballantyne Gardens

My dear wife Karen needs to dig in the dirt each spring.

This year’s trying times brought challenges past several planned transplants in hopes of better blooming.


But we saw that our favorite Liverpool nursery, Ballantyne Gardens, was open and calling our name.

We need to see the goods.

Yes, we could have ordered online, but with plants, we want to see to believe.

Room to roam.

On Friday following my at-home library shift, keeping our distance with our masks on was not a problem.

Friendly space.

We encountered three fellow shoppers and a trio of wandering chickens, too.

Pretty selecting.

We took our time selecting our goods.

Inside view.

When we went inside to check out our purchases, I smiled to see the sticker that cemented the community partnership between owners Tim and Lisa and the Liverpool Public Library.

Soon to go into our piece of the Earth.

Then we put our two new peonies into the car. Coral sunset will be gracing our grounds.

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