A new routine: Friday lunch at the library

Day-by-day, I’m settling into the routines of working as a communications specialist at the Liverpool Public Library.

Yes, I’m again talking lunchtime here. Early on, I posted about the lovely two-block walk to eat on the bench by the Onondaga Lake Park marina.

Not on Fridays, though. Not anymore.

My Friday go-to.

My Friday go-to.

On the final work day of the week, I feed my Chinese food takeout jones.

My co-workers told me of King’s Chef. It’s about a mile or so down Old Liverpool Road, sort-of fronting an old strip-style shopping center.

Like many of its brethren, it doesn’t look like much from the outside.

But it’s worth my new Friday routine. I grab my iPhone 6, call the number and order from the lunch menu. I’ve tried the General Tso’s chicken, roast pork with Chinese vegetables, pepper steak with onions and chicken chow mein. All come with pork friend rice. I add-on won ton soup. Total price with taxes: $5.99.

I’ve split between walking down to pick it up and taking my car out of the parking garage for a quicker trip.

I’ve eaten at my desk every time.

Hover over any gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

With a half-hour lunch break, it’s close. But I can work and eat at the same time. And nobody’s complained so far about me eating at my desk.

The food is good. Soon I will try an egg roll.

If you’ve clicked, what do you think of the King’s Chef menu? What would you order from the lunchtime specials? Have you eaten at your desk, and if so, what do your co-workers think?


17 thoughts on “A new routine: Friday lunch at the library

  1. I have a current obsession with Panda Express. I’ve begun trying copycat recipes at home. My fave is the black pepper chicken. Mmm!
    I’d probably try most of your King’s Chef cuisine, but I probably wouldn’t eat it at my desk, because phone. lol I do nibble on stuff in the afternoon, but nothing crunchy, nothing mouthful. I just know that would make the phone ring ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. The *BEST* Chinese food dish I’ve EVER had was at a little hole in the wall in Poughkeepsie, and it was Chinese crab with fried rice. It was SO delicious, yet I’ve never even seen that on a menu anywhere else. Dang. Now I want Chinese for dinner. LOL Fortunately, at my job, I can close my office door so no one has to be bothered if I eat lunch at my desk. In the past, it’s only bothered me when other people do it if the smell is excessively strong.


  3. My co-workers told me of Kingโ€™s Chef. Itโ€™s about a mile or so down Old Liverpool Road, sort-of fronting an old strip-style shopping center.


  4. That looks delicious Mark. You know I didn’t notice before but you are right – most Chinese food restaurants look very unremarkable from the outside. It is funny you should mention that. I remember going to Beijing and we had a fellow student who was a Chinese national. He took us around to all the very best Chinese restaurants where the locals ate daily. Very surprising. Same as here – very unremarkable exteriors especially when compared to the local McDonald’s and KFC. Inside were long wooden tables and benches that were shared. The was a lot of vegetable and rice dishes and very little meat. It was absolutely delicious Mark- amazing and I don’t normally eat lot of veggies. There were six of us – 5 men and a woman (we spoiled her – Ha!)- all with big appetites. They fed us and we each had a Chinese beer and the total was the equivalent of $40 including tip (the law says you were not allowed to tip so it had top be done carefully) – that was because it was local: we paid over $100 equivalent each for steak at Hard Rock Beijing.

    I got away from eating at my desk because of the phone. Although when I was in dispatch I ate at my desk because I felt it was only fair to make sure someone was on the other end of the line when a driver had a problem. I once read an article that the desks of those who ate there had more bacteria on them than the average bathroom. They suggested daily cleaning with sanitizing wipes – including the phone.They found that those who did this actually took less sick days in a year than those who did not.

    In Canada I really like the meat dishes and find that the buffet is the cheapest way for me to eat Chinese. We have a couple of great Chinese buffets around here but it has been years since I have partaken.


    • I prefer then concentrate on the food more than the decor, Paul. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I eat a lot more veggies with Chinese food than American food, I think. Good point!
      And I will vigilantly wipe my desk when I eat there. I don’t want to take ANY sick days.

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