A suite night with the Chiefs

Take 'Em Out to the Ballgame.

Take ‘Em Out to the Ballgame.

The department in which my dear wife Karen works at SMG came up on the big wheel at work. It was our night to join her co-workers in the company suite at NBT Bank Stadium following her shift and my hours at the Liverpool Public Library on Tuesday, I was informed sometime last week.

And what a nice night for a Triple-A baseball game it was.

Warm and beautiful.

Warm and beautiful.

The sun setting over Syracuse in a steamy August evening while I sit above home plate watching the highest minor league affiliate of the Washington Nationals tangle with the Rochester Redwings, the squad representing the Baltimore Orioles just town the New York State Thruway …

Sweet. Suite. It. Was.

Irish Heritage Night.

Irish Heritage Night.

The home team was all decked out in green uniform tops to honor Irish Heritage Night.

Irish Polish.

Irish Polish.

Me, too. When Karen told me the theme, I … well, I’d already worn a green shirt to work. I threw on my Jets hat. And the beads were provided by Karen’s boss, Patrice.

And here's the pitch ...

And here’s the pitch …

As far as the sport goes, the Chiefs put up one big inning, nickel-and-diming the poor Rochester pitcher with seeing-eye singles for a six-spot. They held on to win 6-4.

What would you wear to an Irish Heritage night if you were a Polish guy? Do you like the Chiefs green uniforms? Which is your favorite photo, and why?

11 thoughts on “A suite night with the Chiefs

  1. Very cool seats Mark. I must say that your beautiful wife Karen is looking very happy. I would likely wear a green T or green socks. My favorite picture is the one with 1/2 the seating and 1/2 the field – centered by the lights.


  2. how fun! you know i’m a minor league and theme night fan, so this looks great to me. i like the green, always go along with the special night, i say. looks like you dressed just right!


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